August 10, 2017

Newly Opened


Manhattan's East meets West Spa Country Club, Premier57 reopened their doors in May of this year with Steven Chon as its CEO. Guests can enjoy a full day's access to hydrotherapy Bade pools, six unique sauna rooms, resting lounges, water lounges and baths. One of the most popular treatments offered are its Korean Body Scrubs.

Based in traditional Korean practices, the exfoliating process uses textured gloves to remove dead skin. It not only removes the dead skin to a new level, dirt, oil it also improves circulation, tones the skin, stimulates the Lymphatic System and aids in clearing your mind. Treatment requires hot tub soaking prior to service.

In addition to this method, guests can enjoy an array of treatments that include an assortment of facials, body treatments/wraps, massages (as well as those that focus on Asian remedies), HAMMAM and more.


In addition, there are a number of sauna rooms that you can select that are not only ornately decorated but fit various themes such as infrared, igloo, Himalayan salt rooms, Loess clay and a gold sauna. Guests are able to access their lockers as well as to add treatments and amenities to their day via their electronic band which allows for a seamless experience. In addition, as is tradition in Asian bath houses the space is to be enjoyed without wearing shoes and a robe is also provided upon entrance. Although you can make reservations to enjoy Premier57, it is not required.